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A dental implant is a surgical, medical procedure for which a metal frame is attached to the jawbone beneath the gums to hold down artificial teeth. Dental implants are a more secure and reliable option compared to other tooth-replacement methods. Dental implants are of two main varieties, mainly:

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a. Subperiosteal implants
It involves a metal frame being fitted into the jawbone. The metal frame has posts fixed to it. As the gums continue to heal after the procedure, the posts remain to continue protruding. After complete healing of the gums, artificial teeth are then mounted on the posts.

b. Endosteal implants.
It involves a first surgery where a metal frame in fixed on the jawbone. After healing of the surrounding gums, a second surgery is performed. Posts are mounted on the already done metal frame. Once the gums are healed again, a bridge or denture is mounted or artificial teeth each mounted on individually.

Requirements to receive dental implants

It is crucial that two factors come into play when receiving dental implants.
One is that you need to have a strong jawbone structure to be able to support this kind of metal frame.
Second is that your gums must be healthy. It makes no point in fixing implants if you have gums that won’t heal to support the structure.

Benefits of dental implants.

i. Dental implants are secure.
When one has dentures and bridges secured through dental implants they are secure and won’t slip or shift when one is eating or talking. They thus feel more natural in the mouth.

ii. Comfortable and do-able.
Compared to other dental procedures where one had his teeth ground and sawed down to create room for a bridge. Dental implants are more do-able and realistic. Plus one does not feel ruggedness or sore spots when the dental implants are fitted thus comfortable.

Oral care for dental implants

a) Proper oral hygiene
It is important you brush twice daily when wearing metal implants. Also, learn to floss your teeth to remove any stubborn particles tuck in between teeth. Make sure to use interdental brushes.

b) Avoid chewing hard foods.
Typical to any teeth replacement procedure avoid tough things such as jawbreaker candy that could break the crown of your teeth.

c) Try to avoid smoking.
Smoking has the effect of weakening bones which has the concurrent impact of weakening the dental implant metal base foundation.

d) Have a checkup regularly.
It is important you book an appointment with your dentist regularly at least twice annually. These medical inspections are for making sure the dental implants are in good condition.

However, as a disclaimer, it is important to note that good things don’t come cheap. As such metal implants are a bit pricey compared to other standard procedures in the market. Further, most insurances only cover less than 15% in this kind of procedure.

In summary, the above information seeks to inform the public on the various benefits and requirements necessary for a dental implant, as well as up to date tips on how to take care of the dental implants. If interested in the procedure visit Dr. Mogharei to have quality dental implants fixed.


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