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A root canal is a dental procedure performed on an infected tooth. The infection may be as a result of an injury or untreated cavity that results in bacterial growth in the pulp of the tooth. A root canal is a fairly standard procedure throughout the world, but the myths associated with it go beyond its reputation.

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Below is a step by step guide on how a root canal is usually performed:

1. Inserting the needle
The dentist sticks a needle to introduce a local anesthetic into the area under operation. You might feel a little tingling or pinch once the needle goes in. One the area around the tooth is numb he/she moves on to the next step.

2. Inserting a dental dam
A dental dam is usually a sheet of rubber paper material that is used to seal off the tooth under procedure from the rest of the mouth. The dental dam has the effect of keeping the tooth in question dry and clean.

3. Use of small particular dental tools
The dentist will have to use a small drill to drill away into the crown. Then use a file to clear away the damage created to reach the pulp. The file might also be used to shape the inner parts of the roots. He/she might as well as use water to wash away the pulp. The use of an antibacterial solution is also used to stall away any infection and prevent future infection of the tooth as well.

4. Filling of the tooth
After thorough cleaning and drying of the tooth, the dentist will fill the hole created with a material known as gutta-percha. The dentist will also seal the top of the shaft with some temporary filling

5. Crown placement
After a few weeks of healing the doctor will then finish the dental procedure by placing a crown on top of the tooth. However, depending on the condition of the tooth this step might be final. But for others, the dentist might have to mount up posts from inside the root chamber to mount up support for the crown.

• Benefits of a root canal.

i. Has the advantage of saving a natural tooth
Having your natural tooth back into proper restoration and functioning has a lot of benefits. Such include a healthy looking and vibrant natural smile, plus you get to partake in the foods you were used to before

ii. Painless procedure
Apart from the prick of the needle during numbing, it is practically pain-free throughout the procedure. Plus you experience minimal discomfort during the numbing process after a root canal.

iii. Appealing results
Once the crown is restored to its former glory, you regain back your previous natural-looking smile and laugh.

iv. Pocket-friendly
Compared to the other option on the table of handling an infected tooth, that is tooth removal. Tooth removal will involve several follow up visits to the dentist to have a denture or bridge fixed which is quite an expense. No wonder most insurance covers cater for a root canal.

In summary, the above article seeks to inform the general public about the root canal procedure and its benefits in plain facts to help curtail the myth most people have about the root canal. Be sure to visit Dr.Mogharei in Santa Monica to have a quality root canal dental procedure.

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