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All You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry


Sedation Dentistry

Facts about sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a form of dental treatment that involves the use of anesthesia to place patients into a relaxed mode. The medical procedure is applied when a lot of time is expected in the treatment chair. A sedation dentist uses anesthesia on patients on patients who have a phobia.
Sedation doesn’t necessarily mean the patient is unconscious. In fact, some types of sedation only reduce anxiety or prompt patients to sleep so that they don’t feel anything during a dentistry procedure.

Sedation dentist Santa Monica

Types of sedation dentistry

i. Nitrous oxide sedation
Nitrous oxide is also called laughing gas. It is induced in patients to make them relax. Commonly, the gas is administered with a local anesthetic to reduce pain.

ii. Oral sedatives
Doctors can use drugs like diazepam 30 minutes before a dentistry procedure. But this depends on the level of anxiety the patient has.

iii. Intravenous (iv) sedation
This medication doesn’t reduce pain. So, a doctor will administer the drug together with an anesthetic.

Who is eligible for dental sedation?

Insufficient to finish dental work
Sensitive teeth
Dental anxiety
Complex dental issues
Difficulty getting numb
Fear of needles

Cost of sedation dentistry

Some factors affect the price of sedation including your geographical location, insurance cover as well as the sedation dentist. Also, the type of sedation that the doctor recommends will determine the cost of the procedure. The most common type is the light sedation with nitrous oxide gas or oral sedatives.

Benefits sedation dentistry

i. Faster
When you become sedated, you cannot complain or move. Usually, patients get nervous before a dental procedure, and this distracts the sedation dentist while working. A sedation surgery is the fastest way to get out of dentist’s chair quickly. The dentist can work faster without worrying about how you will react.

ii. You can forget your anxiety
During dental visits, patients tend to become nervous that it worsens everything. Some patients experience stress for a long time up to the day of treatment. But with sedation, you can comfortably sit in your sedation dentist’s chair with no fear or anxiety. You won’t have feelings of anxiety or worry: and this may mean a lot for most patients.

iii. There is no pain
For most patients, what scares them a lot when it comes to dental processes is that they are very painful. Well, no one likes pain, especially in the gums or teeth. The best thing about sedation surgery is that there is no pain at all. Far from the pain, the fear of pain will vanish entirely as well.

Everyone yearns for a pain-free dental care, and that’s sedation dentistry is the best alternative. If you are looking for the best dental services, Dr. Mogharei is the best when it comes to this service. He is not only experienced but has the right skills to carry out dental procedures efficiently and effectively.