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Teeth Cleaning in Santa Monica CA


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Teeth Cleaning

A beautiful smile is undeniably a person’s suit of confidence. Our mission at Santa Monica Tooth Doctor is to provide the best possible oral health care to our deserving clients. Whether it is a simple or routine dental examination to complex procedures we got you covered. At our state of the art facility, choose from our wide array of services to right your every oral need. Our highly competent and trained staff offer a friendly and homely atmosphere to give you that unforgettable dental experience. We value our customers and we seek long life dentistry connections adding to our ever-growing family of happy bright smiles.

We pride ourselves in the work that we do and we aim to offer only the best. Not only do we have high-end machinery as well as dental materials but for our first-time patients, we offer oral health consultation compliments of the clinic. Your smile is our top priority and we are confident to say we definitely deliver. Needless to say, we offer comprehensive services from all dentistry fields as discussed below.

Teeth cleaning Santa Monica

CEREC Dentistry

This procedure is quite convenient for people who lack the time for repetitive appointments for their cosmetic dental work. CEREC allows for a variety of dental procedures to be performed on a patient including inlays, on-lays, bonding, veneers as well as crowns. After a CEREC restoration, there is no notable difference between the tooth and the rest of the teeth as they all match.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Thanks to modern advancements in the field of medicine especially in the dental sector, cosmetic dentistry is far less painful and time-consuming. At Santa Monica Tooth Doctor, we offer the best cosmetic value to our customers’ money with our less invasive procedures. It might be a crooked tooth or overlapping teeth and we got you covered. Our dedicated team also does extensive cosmetic work for your aesthetic needs.

General Dentistry

We offer extensive and comprehensive services in a bid to maintain your long time oral health. Our specialized in-office care is aimed at an individualized approach engineered to treat and preserve the integrity of your gums as well as teeth. An oral examination is imperative to determine the causes of your toothache or it could be a general cleaning that you desire and for both Santa Monica Tooth Doctor is your dependable dental practice for your oral care needs.

In addition to the above major services, there are other crucial dental procedures we undertake including; dental lumineers, dental implants, dental veneers, Invisalign, and sedation dentistry. For all these services and much more, visit us at Santa Monica Tooth Doctor and meet with our team of qualified experts led by Dr. Mogharei. He is a well-renowned practitioner with a plethora of medical accomplishments as well as accolades to his name. Our practice accepts insurance options from Delta, Metlife, Guardian, Anthem, and Cigna insurances. For payments, we accept cash, money orders, personal checks, and major credit cards at your convenience.